pH Power Pellets® Media

JJM® condensate neutralizers use our pH Power Pellets®, the proprietary neutralizing media found exclusively in JJM® products. pH Power Pellets® are long-lasting and won’t “waste away” into silt like other neutralizing media. pH Power Pellets® are produced at our facility in the USA.

pH Power Pellets® media can only be used in JJM® neutralizers. Sale or use of pH Power Pellets® in any other product is strictly prohibited.

pH Power Pellets® are non-toxic and shelf-stable, with magnesium oxide as the active ingredient. Additional information on pH Power Pellets®, including Safety Data Sheet, can be found in Information Materials.

pH Power Pellets® Refills

JJM® condensate neutralizers are designed and sized as a complete solution with only pH Power Pellets® media. Our pH Power Pellets® refills ensure the continued safe treatment of acidic condensate in compliance with industry, federal, state, and local codes to protect facilities and the environment.

pH Power Pellets® refills are sold as individual kits and sized by JJM® model to ensure quick and accurate routine replacement – every time. Contact your local JJM® distributor to purchase the appropriate refill.

Only pH Power Pellets® can be used in JJM® condensate neutralizers. Any other media, such as limestone or marble chips, is strictly prohibited. Failure to follow these instructions completely voids the manufacturer’s limited warranty.