As a leading installer, you know JJM® condensate neutralizers are the critical solution to treat acidic condensate produced by high-efficiency, gas-fired appliances—but installing JJM® neutralizers is only part of the solution.

Just like condensing heating appliances, JJM® condensate neutralizers must be routinely serviced to remain effective. Every 6-12 months, service technicians should inspect the neutralizer and replace the JJM® pH Power Pellets® to ensure continued protection and code compliance.

JJM® products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year. The warranty does not cover issues that result from misuse, improper installation, and/or failure to replace the pH Power Pellets® as instructed. 

Under this warranty, JJM®’s obligations shall be limited to the replacement of any said product, or part of any product, provided that said product is returned to JJM® and determined by JJM® to be defective. Learn more about: General Terms & Conditions

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