A must-have in
most homes

Bring home a complete solution to your high-efficiency gas-fired appliances’ acidic problems. JJM® is the first and best manufacturer of condensate neutralizers for condensing appliances, trusted by industry experts since 2005. Explore our broad portfolio of solutions designed to protect your property and the planet.

Why JJM?

JJM® brings you the largest selection of condensate neutralizers to suit individual needs. Technicians and engineers can specify our products to design effective solutions for their condensing appliances.

Other Benefits Include:

Extensive library to guide the installation process, including dimensional drawings, instructions, and operation and maintenance manuals*

Product warranty for one year, providing protection against material defects and workmanship

A wide network of distributors ease sourcing neutralizers and proprietary Power Pellet® refills

Ensures conformity with industry, federal, state, and local codes

Low maintenance products, only requiring media refills either annually or when the outlet’s pH level drops below 5.0 (or the minimum level of local water authority)

*JJM recommends the installation of JJM® products, including servicing and refilling of pH Power Pellets® media, by a qualified installer/technician. Failure to follow installation, operation & maintenance instructions can be a safety hazard to life and property.