Who is JJM?

JJM Alkaline Technologies® is the innovator and industry leader of condensate neutralizers for the heating and plumbing industries. We built the first one. Now we build the best ones.

We craft reliable solutions for the treatment of acidic condensate produced by today’s condensing, gas-fired heating appliances. Maybe your local codes require it? Maybe you don’t want damage to appliances or property? Maybe you just believe there’s a right way to do things? Whatever your reason, JJM is the add-on that adds up.

Company History


Today, JJM Alkaline Technologies® is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of condensate neutralizers. Our products are sold via leading wholesale distributors of heating and plumbing equipment throughout the United States and Canada. We continue to innovate and bring to market the purpose-built solutions that the industry has relied on since our earliest days.


JJM® continued to grow every year and reached an inflection point in 2010. George and Denise committed to leading the business full-time and expanded into a larger facility to increase capacity. Over the subsequent years, JJM® added to its team, introduced new products, and once again, expanded into a larger facility.


JJM® was established in 2005 by our founder, George Carney, who brought over 30 years of heating and hydronics experience to create our innovative solutions. George and his wife, Denise, started JJM® in the 600 square foot garage in their home. From modest beginnings, the company’s innovative solutions quickly gained traction in the industry.

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