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with Refill Kits

We're purpose-built, designed for critical applications in heating and plumbing industries. We have the largest portfolio of condensate neutralizer kits to suit residential and light commercial installations. Plus, our proprietary pH Power Pellets® ensure long-lasting performance.


Our latest innovation, the K-Series condensate neutralizer kits are ideal for most residential and commercial condensing appliance installations. These kits blend industrial strength with a lightweight and compact inline tube design.

Purpose-built for the heating and plumbing industries, K-Series condensate neutralizers are equipped with the lowest inlet on the market and an installation kit with the flexibility to install with hard-pipe or poly tubing. JJM® ’s proprietary end-cap design enables fast and easy maintenance during routine replacement of our pH Power Pellets media, reducing downtime and service hours.


The NBT-Series is our versatile line of tank neutralizers that ranges from residential to light commercial installations. Easily serviceable with a removable lid, NBT-Series neutralizers are well-suited for most standard operating site conditions.


The V-Series is the vertical mount solution from JJM that is ideal for single and multi-unit residential installations where space is limited. Vertical wall mounted.


The CBM-Series is our most popular line, featuring a streamlined profile and transparent capsule, which enables operators and service technicians to visibly inspect the efficacy of the neutralization process. The CBM-Series is easily serviced in the field via our factory-direct refill pre-charged with pH Power Pellets.


The JM-Series is the traditional line from JJM that has been trusted by commercial operators and installers since our earliest days. Built tough from PVC components, the JM-Series is a heavy-duty inline tube neutralizer for larger commercial installations.


The NB-Series is a heavy-duty tank neutralizer built for demanding light commercial installations where a small footprint is warranted. The NB-Series is capable of handling installations with multiple heating appliances. Floor mounted only.

pH-Power Pellets

JJM condensate neutralizers use our pH Power Pellets, the proprietary condensate neutralizer media found exclusively in JJM products.