Join Forces
with JJM®

Your clients deserve the very best. Give them the premier, purpose-driven solution for high-efficiency, gas-fired appliances. JJM® has been the first and foremost manufacturer of condensate neutralizers for the heating and plumbing industries since 2005. Together, we can deliver complete, code-driven solutions.

Why JJM?

JJM® brings you the largest selection of condensate neutralizers to suit individual needs. Technicians and engineers can specify our products to design effective solutions for their condensing appliances.

Other Benefits Include:

Compliance with industry, federal, state and local codes.

Quick sourcing of neutralizers and pH Power Pellets® refills from wide network of distributors.

In-depth library for all your engineering and submittal needs, including dimensional drawings, instructions, and operation and maintenance manuals.

One-year warranty for products against defects in materials and workmanship.

Easy routine servicing and maintenance for uninterrupted performance.