JJM has you covered

8 Tips for residential
and commercial

JJM has you covered

8 Tips for residential and commercial applications

Residential installation & maintenance

Plumbing codes dictate that homes equipped with high-efficiency appliances must adhere to specific requirements when it comes to handling acidic condensate before it is discharged into the wastewater system. Use the filter below to hone in on products for residential applications.

Why JJM for residential

  • Technicians should educate homeowners about the importance of neutralizers and the role they play in maintaining the integrity of the wastewater system.
  • Regular servicing of neutralizers is crucial, including the replacement of neutralizer media at least once annually.
  • Replacing neutralizer media should be incorporated as a standard part of maintenance visits, along with other routine services like furnace inspection and air filter replacement.
  • By ensuring compliance and protection for homeowners, service technicians can create a recurring revenue opportunity for their businesses.

Commercial installation & maintenance

When it comes to designing, installing, or maintaining boilers, furnaces, or water heaters in commercial settings, it is essential for commercial contractors, engineers, and building maintenance personnel to prioritize the inclusion of neutralizers. See below for our products best built for commercial applications.

Why JJM for commercial

  • National plumbing codes mandate the proper treatment of acidic condensate, which can be achieved through purpose-built neutralizers.
  • Non-compliance with plumbing codes can lead to serious consequences, including fines or shut-downs of projects or jobs.
  • Installing and maintaining neutralizers not only protect the building and its facilities but also ensure environmental compliance.
  • By incorporating neutralizers, professionals demonstrate forethought and stewardship, which is highly valued by building owners.

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