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October 15, 2021

As Condensing Heating Appliances Become the Norm, Condensate Neutralizer Adoption Increases

New England’s heating and plumbing installers are ahead of the industry curve by ensuring acidic condensate is safely treated.

High-efficiency, gas-fired condensing appliances are quickly becoming the preferred choice in New England for residential and commercial buildings. With it, the adoption of condensate neutralizers has increased in New England, bolstered by a strong network of distributors. JJM estimates that sales of condensate neutralizers in New England have increased nearly 20% in the last year (ending June 30, 2021).

New England’s heating and plumbing installers are ahead of the industry curve by using condensate neutralizers to safely neutralize the highly acidic condensate these appliances produce—protecting properties and the environment from corrosive damage. This trend is partially driven by regulations for condensate treatment across the industry and in New England. Massachusetts, for example, requires water expelled from high-efficiency appliances to be treated if the pH level is too low (between 2 and 4 is corrosive) according to the Uniform State Plumbing Code (Section 12.08(2)(b)). Additionally, installing a condensate neutralizer ensures compliance with the International Plumbing Code (Section 803.1) and the Environmental Protection Agency (Section 403.5(b)(2)).

You too can position yourself as a leading, best-in-class service provider in New England by installing a JJM® condensate neutralizer with every high-efficiency, gas-fired appliance.


This article was originally published on PHCC of MA’s Progress Magazine, Fall 2021 Edition.