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May 8, 2023

Condensate Neutralizers 101: What You Need to Know

High-efficiency, gas-fired heating appliances are economical and sustainable, which is why they are popular in many residential and commercial buildings. However, they come with one concerning side effect: acidic condensate, a byproduct of high-efficiency combustion. If left untreated, acidic condensate can damage property, pipes and septic systems, and the environment.

Industry leaders have countered this serious issue by designing a preventative solution called a condensate neutralizer.

What is a condensate neutralizer?

Condensate neutralizers act like a filtration device for the acidic condensate created during the combustion process in gas-fired, high-efficiency appliances. Early neutralizer solutions were essentially crude devices, often just a large box filled with marble or limestone chips. Today, companies offer innovative, purpose-built neutralizing solutions that are much more effective. A critical complement to gas-fired, high-efficiency appliances, condensate neutralizers are key to protecting homes and buildings, wastewater systems, and the environment.

Why do I need a condensate neutralizer?

Acidic condensate is a byproduct of the combustion process in condensing, gas-fired heating appliances, such as boilers, furnaces and hot water heaters. If discharged without proper treatment, acidic condensate can wreak havoc on floors, drains, sewer systems, wastewater infrastructure and the environment. For example, untreated acidic condensate can eat through many types of building materials, including concrete foundations and cast-iron pipes (common in older homes). Untreated condensate can also corrode drainage and septic systems. If pumped into the ground, acidic condensate can pollute the groundwater and contaminate the surrounding vegetation.

A purpose-built solution, condensate neutralizers ensure that high-efficiency appliances operate safely, preventing any damaging side effects from the get-go.

How does neutralization work?

Condensate neutralizers consist of a well-designed filter housing that is filled with a neutralizing media, which interacts with the condensate to lower its acidity (high acidity is root of the problem). JJM® products use pH Power Pellets®, a proprietary neutralizing media, to safely treat and discharge condensate. A simple and effective solution, JJM®’s condensate neutralizers with pH Power Pellets® neutralize the acidic condensate as it leaves the high-efficiency appliance, raising its pH to a safe level to be released into the plumbing or wastewater systems.

Where can I buy a condensate neutralizer?

Professionals can purchase JJM® condensate neutralizers from authorized distributors of heating and plumbing equipment across the United States and Canada. Use our distributor finder to locate your nearest JJM® authorized wholesaler.

Trust the leader in the design and manufacture of condensate neutralizers

An industry leader, JJM® offers the broadest portfolio of solutions for the treatment of acidic condensate. Many contractors, installers and service technicians trust JJM® condensate neutralizers to ensure today’s high-efficiency, gas-fired heating appliances operate safely in residential and commercial settings. Click here [] to learn more about protecting facilities and the environment with JJM® products.