When installed with a high-efficiency, gas-fired appliance, JJMcondensate neutralizers essentially act as a filter that raises the pH of the condensate, ensuring it can be safely discharged from the home or building. 

Learn about the high-efficiency, gas-fired appliances that require condensate neutralizers in order to install the complete solution.

Furnace Condensate Neutralizers

Learn how installing a condensate neutralizer with a high-efficiency furnace can help prevent the erosion of floors, drains, and concrete foundations. 

Boiler Condensate Neutralizers

Discover how installers can prevent the corrosion of pipes in residential and commercial properties when they install a condensate neutralizer with high-efficiency boilers. 

Hot Water Heater Condensate Neutralizers

Prevent damage to wastewater infrastructure, including sewers, pipes, and septic systems, by using a condensate neutralizer with high-efficiency hot water systems.