JJM® condensate neutralizers use our pH Power Pellets®, the proprietary neutralizing media found exclusively in JJM® products.

pH Power Pellets® media can only be used in JJM® neutralizers. Sale or use of pH Power Pellets® in any other product is strictly prohibited.

pH Power Pellets® Refills

JJM® condensate neutralizers are designed and sized as a complete solution with only pH Power Pellets® media.

pH Power Pellets® refills are sold as individual kits and sized by JJM® model to ensure quick and accurate routine replacement.   

pH Power Pellets® refills ensure the continued safe treatment of acidic condensate in compliance with industry, federal, state, and local codes to protect facilities and the environment.

pH Power Pellets® Benefits

  • pH Power Pellets® are exclusive to JJM® condensate neutralizers.
  • pH Power Pellets® are proudly produced at our facility in Massachusetts, USA.
  • pH Power Pellets® are long-lasting and won’t “waste away” into silt like other neutralizing media.
  • pH Power Pellets® are non-toxic and shelf-stable, with magnesium oxide as the active ingredient.

Individual Refill Kits

K-1000 Perspective View Condensate Neutralizer

K Series

Model # Refill Part #
K-300R 6101
K-600R 6102
K-1000R 6103
K-3000R 6104

V Series

Model # Refill Part #
V-125R 4001
V-250R 4003

CBM Series

Model # Refill Part #
CBM-225R 6002
CBM-226R 6003
CBM-227R 6004

NB Series

Model # Refill Part #
NB-2R 2100
NB-4R 2101
NB-6R 2102
NB-12R 2103
NB-5LPR 1112

JM Series

Model # Refill Part #
JM-6R 1105
JM-10R 1106
JM-20R 1107
JM-30R 1108
JM-40R 1109
JM-50R 1110

NBT Series

Model # Refill Part #
NBT-23R 1111
NBT-610R 1113
NBT-230R 1114
NBT-24PR 1115

How to Buy

pH Power Pellets® refills along with JJM® condensate neutralizers can be purchased from leading distributors of heating and plumbing equipment across the United States and Canada. Visit our interactive map to find a JJM® distributor near you! 

If your preferred distributor doesn’t carry JJM® yet, simply ask them to contact us so you can quickly and reliably buy JJM® condensate neutralizers for all of your condensing installations.

Find A Distributor

JJM® Condensate Neutralizer Maintenance

Just like high-efficiency, gas-fired appliances, JJM® condensate neutralizers must be routinely serviced to remain effective.  Every 6-12 months, service technicians should inspect the neutralizer and replace the JJM® pH Power Pellets® to ensure continued protection and code compliance. pH Power Pellets® must be replaced the sooner of (i) annually, or (ii) the pH level at the outlet of the neutralizer drops below 5.0 (or the minimum level of the local water authority). 

Discover how often to change a condensate neutralizer with our maintenance guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which pH Power Pellets® refill to order?

Each JJM® neutralizer design has a specific configuration and capacity.  Neutralizer ratings (gallons per hour, BTUs) are based on the appropriate amount of our pH Power Pellets® media to ensure performance.  JJM® produces individual pH Power Pellets® refills for each JJM® model that is weighed and packaged at our factory.  Our individual refill kits ensure a quick and accurate refill every time. 

Select the appropriate pH Power Pellets® refill by identifying the JJM® neutralizer model installed (e.g. JM-10) and adding an ‘R’.

For more information, see our Individual Refill Kit reference guide above.

The JJM® neutralizer needs to be serviced. How can I purchase refills?

Our pH Power Pellets® refills can be purchased from authorized distributors of heating and plumbing equipment throughout the United States and Canada. Be sure to order the appropriate pH Power Pellets® refill for your JJM® condensate neutralizer.

Contact your local JJM® distributor to purchase the appropriate pH Power Pellets® refill.

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